Please complete the following brief online form if you would like to register your child to participate in the SBCA Youth Basketball program. Note that you will need to select either an adult (A) or youth (Y) size for basketball uniforms.

A registration fee of $60 is required to participate in this program. You can submit payment through PayPal using the PayPal button below this form or by sending a check payable to SBCA to school with your child.

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Please read the following agreement and confirm in the above form that you have read and agree to the terms of this liability waiver.

As an inducement to South Baldwin Christian Academy (SBCA) to allow the Participant identified in the above to participate in the sports program(s) indicated , the undersigned hereby acknowledges that SBCA and its officers, agents, volunteers and employees will have no responsibility or liability of any kind for injury, property damage, or death to the Participant in the program(s) indicated. The Participant represents and agrees that:

(1) He or she will investigate to his or her satisfaction the physical requirements, demands of all elected program(s), and is freely assuming all risks associated with participation in such program(s).
(2) He or she will make an appropriate investigation regarding the Participant(s) current physical condition and has no physical defect, disease, or disability that will make participation in any elected program hazardous to the Participant(s) or to other participants.
(3) He or she will immediately withdraw from participation in the elected program(s) upon discovery of any injury, physical defects, disease or disability that would make participation in any or all elected program(s) hazardous to the undersigned or to other participants.

The Participant, on his or her behalf and on behalf of his or her executors, administrators, heirs and successors, hereby releases and agrees to hold SBCA and its officers, employees, servants, and agents harmless from any person or party arising directly or indirectly from the injury or death of the Participant while participating in, or being transported to or from the indicated program(s).