The multi-faceted curriculum offered at South Baldwin Christian Academy (SBCA) is designed to help students in every area of life – spiritually, academically, physically, socially and emotionally through a wide variety of curriculum experiences, hands on opportunities and instruction by certified teachers. An individualized approach helps each child reach his/her God-given potential. Assignments are tailored to meet each student’s individual learning needs giving students the opportunity to remediate skills that are deficient or work ahead in their areas of strength.

Math (4 Credits) Publisher
Algebra I Glencoe, McGraw Hill
Algebra II Holt, Rhinehart, Winston
Geometry Bob Jones University Press
Science (4 Credits) Publisher
Biology Apologia
Physical Science Abeka
Chemistry Bob Jones University Press
Marine Biology Apologia
Social Studies (4 Credits) Publisher
World History Bob Jones University Press
U.S. History I Bob Jones University Press
U.S. History II Bob Jones University Press
English (4 Credits) Publisher
Grammar/Composition Holt, Rhinehart, Winston
American Literature Bob Jones University Press
British Literature The Norton Anthology of British Literature
Novel Studies
Electives – Required (12 Credits) Publisher
Bible Bob Jones University Press
Art or Music
Foreign Language Rosetta Stone
Computer Science Microsoft
Computer Science Google Docs
Career Preparedness Beyond Baldwin
Electives – Student Choice (4.5 Credits)
Vary Each Semester Based on Instructor Availability & Student Interest

* Some Advanced Placement courses available in Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science.

Academic Achievement

SBCA places a high priority on ACT prep. On average our students score 4 points above the national norm and 3 points higher than the state norm. Students in 9th and 10th grade take the practice ACT during Spring Testing and 11th and 12th grade students take the actual ACT at SBCA during the school day.