The SBCA “Big Buddy” program is a mentoring program in which upper grade students are paired with younger students for a stimulating opportunity for learning and skill development.

These buddies will engage in a number of different activities together including reading, playing games, projects, singing songs, science experiments, cooking, and community involvement.  (All activities are led by a teacher.)

This program is a great way to create a relationship between the older and younger students.  The older students learn how fun it is to have a little friend that they can help.  They feel a sense of pride in the ability to be the “teacher” for a while.  The younger students learn cooperative behaviors such as taking turns, listening, sharing knowledge, praising others’ efforts, helping one another and completing a task.  They also learn that the older students aren’t so “scary” after all and that helps with the overall sense of family and friendliness here at SBCA.