3rd Grade Class Supply List



10 large rolls paper towels

5 boxes of tissues

3  8-oz bottles of hand sanitizer

2 pump-style bottles of liquid, antibacterial hand soap

2 boxes of PRE-SHARPENED #2 pencils

2 pkgs cap erasers

1 zipper pencil pouch (soft, not box style)

1 pair round-tip scissors

1 pkg index cards (card stock weight)

1 pack each of red, blue, and black ink pens

1  3-subject notebook

8 additional notebooks, each a different color

1  small notebook, approx. 5x7

2 plastic pocket folders, 1 blue, 1 yellow

3 packages of lined paper

1 personal school dictionary (your choice)

1 box washable markers (not dry-erase)

1 bottle school glue (not paste)

1 container antibacterial surface wipes (for surfaces, not for skin)

1 package construction paper (assorted colors)