Preschool Curriculum Overview

South Baldwin Christian Academy’s early childhood curriculum addresses each area of development according to our mission statement – spiritually, academically,  physically, socially and emotionally.  Students are taught using a developmental approach structured around themes that include a weekly virtue and monthly topic of interest.

Classroom Curriculum Focus and Publishers Enrichment Classes
Bible – Hubbard’s Cupboard

Math – Saxon

Reading/Phonics – Hubbard’s Cupboard

Science – Hubbard’s Cupboard

Social Studies – Hubbard’s Cupboard



Physical Education


Social Skills After School Care
Caring, sharing and waiting our turn are all examples of important social skills that preschool children need to learn. These skills and many others fall into one of the following three categories:Emotional Self Control

Emotional Self Control


Verbal Communication

We teach these skills through play, by modeling, practicing, and through positive reinforcement.

After School Care is available Monday-Friday until 5:30 for an additional $100 a month.

Students who stay in after care enjoy:

Lots of outdoor play

Center time

Story time

Snack time