High School Curriculum Overview

Sample Course Load
Students will receive these courses over their four year high school career but the order in which they are offered is subject to change.

South Baldwin Christian Academy’s multi-faceted curriculum is designed to help students grow in every area of life — spiritually, academically, physically, socially and emotionally. We offer a hybrid approach to learning that combines online learning with traditional teacher taught classes.  Online learning allows students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Blackboard and online learning approach being used by so many college and universities. South Baldwin Christian Academy facilitates this program with structure and academic support. Our “positive peer culture” and self paced approach is designed to help each student discover who God made them to be.

9th Grade 10th Grade
Course and Publisher

English 9 – Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

Biology – BJU Press

World History – BJU Press

Algebra 1- Glencoe, McGraw Hill

Study of the Early Church – BJU Press



Art or Music

Physical Ed / Health

Course and Publisher

English 10- Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

Physical Science – BJU Press

US History 1 –  Prentice Hall

Geometry- BJU Press

History of the Old Testament – BJU Press


Physical Ed / Health


11th Grade 12th Grade
Course and Publisher

English 11 –  American Lit – BJU Press

Chemistry – BJU Press

US History 2 – Prentice Hall

Algebra 2- Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

Themes from the Old Testament – BJU Press


Elective Choices


Course and Publisher

English 4 – Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

Grammar/Composition – Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

Sociology – Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

Earth Science – Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

Refresher Math – Pearson

Trigonometry/Pre calculus – McGraw Hill

World History – Holt, Rhinehart, Winston


Elective Choices

* Some Advance Placement courses available in Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science

Academic Achievement:

The TerraNova standardized assessment is used to evaluate student learning and compare student achievement with students from across the country.


South Baldwin Christian Academy is accredited through AdvancED, NCPSA, and ACTS