Spelling Bee and Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to all SBCA students for participating in the school wide Spelling Bee and Science Fair. All students practiced public speaking by  standing in front of an audience of parents and their peers to compete in the Spelling Bee. The steps of the scientific method were taught  and put into action as students completed science fair projects.  A special congratulations goes out to our winners:


Spelling Bee Science Fair

1st place – Woods McElroy

2nd place – Will Anthony


First Grade

1st place – Reese Wood

2nd place – Maria Agandis


Second – Third Grade

1st place – Ben Anthony

2nd place – Layla Hust


Fourth Grade

1st place – Jackson Huskey

2nd place – Mason Wright


Fifth Grade

1st place – Case Wanniger

2nd place – Camryn Martin


Sixth Grade

1st place – Gabbie Cranston

2nd place – Elizabeth Ariender


Middle School

1st place – Emmy Watson

2nd place – Christopher Griffiths


High School

1st place – Nick Harrison

2nd place – Hunter White


Class Project

Best in Show – Mrs Sims 2nd and 3rd Grade Class


Fourth Grade

1st place –  Michael Griffiths and Noel Hand

2nd place –  Mason Wright

3rd place – Elizabeth Boggs


Fifth – Sixth Grade

1st place – Ben O’Donnell

2nd place –  Trista Mayes and Gabby Manning

3rd place – Camryn Martin


Middle School

1st place – Katlin Turner and Maddy McPhillips

2nd place – Caleb King

3rd place – Jordan McCoy