Now through Wednesday, November 12th the 5th grade will be collecting food donations for the food pantry at Calvary Fellowship Chapel in Foley.  Each week they hand out meals to several families in the area.

Needed:  non-perishable food items

Canned goods:  soup, tuna, ravioli, vegetables, chili, fruit, etc.

Peanut butter (plastic jars)

Boxed food:  cereals, mac & cheese, rice, oatmeal, brownie mixes, hamburger helper, etc.

***No foods that need to be frozen or refrigerated, and no beverages.

I am having my students do this because I feel it is extremely important to show them that there are needy people locally and that there is much they can do to help others.  Also, we are all so blessed to have what we need and God calls us to reach out and help those around us.

We will be asking the entire student body of South Baldwin Christian Academy to chip in.  Last year we did this and as a school we collected enough food to provide a day’s worth of 3 meals and a snack for 150 families.  How cool is that?

On November 13th we will take the food to the church, help sort it, and hand it out.  In doing this last year the kids were amazed and thrilled that they could be helplful.  If was an eye-opening experience for each and every one of them.

Each morning there will be a box in the foyer for donations. Please encourage your children and family to participate.  Thank you so much for being willing to support and help your child in this service project.


Pam Harding